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Lastpass offers the best password management

LastPass Password Manager Review

We’re doing a Lastpass review today, if you are anything like us, you want to keep your personal information secure, especially on the internet. You most likely have multiple passwords for email, social media accounts, shopping accounts, online bills, and others that you could use help remembering.

With LastPass password manager, you will no longer have to remember all of those different logins and password. you will only need to remember one.

LastPass ReviewWhat is LastPass?

LastPass is a web-based password manager that stores your personal information such as usernames, passwords and other data that you want it to remember so you don’t have to.

It stores all your information in a vault, which you can access at any time with your master password.

How Does LastPass Work?

LastPass is extremely easy to set up and start using. After signing up for a free online account, you will set up your account with an email address and a strong master password. This is the only password that you will have to remember for future access to your stored information.

But be careful not to lose this password. Though it is possible to recover your master password, LastPass makes it extremely difficult which helps keep passwords out of the wrong hands.

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Next, you are going to download the LastPass plugin, which you can choose specifically for the browser you are using. When finished, LastPass will appear as a browser add-on, which you can now use to log into your account with your master password.

The plug in has a password generator for creating extra secure passwords for future use. It also provides shortcut access to your vault of stored passwords. While logged in on your browser, LastPass will auto-fill all your passwords for you.

To give you an example, when you open your web browser and log into a site, a bar is going to appear at the top of your screen. It is going to ask you if you want LastPass to remember this password, and give you three answers to choose from: never for this, not now, or save site.

You then select the answer you would like for this specific site and LastPass will guide you to the next step. If you have chosen to save the username and password for a site, the next time you visit LastPass will auto-fill your information for you.

Features of LastPass

LastPass will provide you with the peace of mind of more secure internet safety. It makes it very simple to store usernames and passwords, applied as a browser extension. This is the basic function of almost all password managers.

What makes LastPass stand out from the rest is its abundance of features that go far beyond the basics, along with it being extremely user-friendly. For instance, when you initially download LastPass, it will give you recommendations, based on your browser and operating system, for the best plugin package to use.

It will also collect any passwords currently on your system that it deems to have low security during the installation process.

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The best passwords are usually quite difficult to remember. The included password generator tool will generate long and complex passwords for you, as well as giving suggestions to make weak passwords stronger, which will help make hacking more difficult.

It does so by using upper and lowercase letters, numbers, characters and symbols. LastPass allows you the ability to use these more complexLastPass Manager passwords without the worry of forgetting or losing them, by remembering them for you.

LastPass gives you the ability to share your logins with someone you trust while keeping your information private.

It also lets you make a form-fill profile with your credit card information that can be used when making online purchases.

The use of localized security provides some additional safety by letting you to decide what you want LastPass to do when not in use. You have different options at your disposal such as having it log off when idle for a set amount of time, or just simply logging off when the browser is closed.

Another nice feature is that if you decide to change your master password or email address for your LastPass account, they will send you an email to verify that it was you, and not a hacker, making changes to your account.

You also have the option of using a virtual keyboard with your mouse to help against key loggers, since you’re not pressing the actual keys. This is especially useful when using open public WiFi hot spots. This is a feature not offered by many competitors.

LastPass also uses Multi-factor (2-Factor) Authentication. You can choose to have a code sent to your mobile device via text message, which you would then use when logging into your account along with your master password.

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Alternatively, you can download the authentication app to your smart phone, which will randomly generate a six digit code that changes every thirty seconds or so. You will then use this in the same sense as the text message to log in. Both options are equally capable of providing you with additional security for your LastPass account.

LastPass Security Challenge will give you recommendation on improving your online security to increase safety.

Best Online Password ManagerIs LastPass Safe?

LastPass uses AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes, considered to be the industry standard and very best, to ensure that all of your information stored in the cloud in secure.

Although password managers are designed to protect your personal information, you can still run into problems. All password managers are susceptible to bugs that can give hackers the ability to access your passwords remotely without leaving a footprint.

The password manager is usually able to find the bugs, but not before numerous passwords are stolen. This is not a common occurrence with password managers, but it does happen. Though all password managers can potentially be affected by bugs, using a one is still much safer than not using one at all.

LastPass Customer Reviews

Below we have included some reviews from real LastPass customers so you can see for yourself what people are saying about it.

My finances, health records, and personal business are all conducted online, and ‘one-password-fits-all’ is a huge security risk I’m not willing to take. LastPass is like my own set of keys, unique to all my accounts; my security is in my control.

Just yesterday I had another great reminder why I love LastPass. A site I use was compromised and I was concerned about my credentials putting other services at risk. I checked my LastPass vault and the credentials were not used on any other site AND I had used a randomly generated 13 character password. I feel much safer knowing I have a much reduced risk profile in situations like this.

One tool to rule them all. I use Windows at work and a Mac at home, LastPass works the same on both! My work uses the same bank as me, and with the multiple login feature I can easily choose which account to log into. I use LastPass Secure Notes for capturing information about equipment, licenses and expiration dates. The LastPass apps are invaluable. Gone are the days of separating work from personal. LastPass allows me to put all my eggs in one secure basket.

LastPass Mobile App

The LastPass desktop version and mobile app were quite similar when it came to functionality. Making changes to the vault and viewing passwords and websites was no more difficult on the mobile than on the computer.

LastPass Password Manager

You have the ability to sync password between the app and your computer, which is very useful.

If you make any changes while using the LastPass mobile app, they will take effect the next time you log in on the desktop version as well, and vice versa.

This password manager app is extremely easy to use and operates quite smoothly. You can add a new website, secure note, or form-fill profile by clicking on the “+” icon while on the vault page of the app. You can view your saved passwords, manage accounts, make changes to your passwords.

It even has a built-in web browser which allows for more secure web surfing. Is it the best password manager app? We will let you be the judge of that.

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LastPass Free vs Premium Comparison

With the free version of LastPass, you get all the priority functions that this password manager has to offer. It is perfectly capable of keeping your information secure, but you get some extra perks with the premium package, and at $12/year its definitely worth it.

Below are the additional features that you will get when upgrading to the premium version:

  • Family password sharing for up to 5 users
  • 1GB encrypted file storage
  • An ad-free vault
  • Premium two-factor authentication using YubiKey and Sesame
  • Desktop fingerprint identification
  • Desktop application logins
  • Priority customer support


LastPass supports most all popular browsers, ultimately making it a universal password manager. It works as an extension with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Dolphin browsers.

It operates with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. As well as supporting iOS, Android and Microsoft Surface RT, LastPass also supports Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, HP WebOS and Symbian S60.

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LastPass vs DashlaneLastPass vs Dashlane

LastPass is priced at an extremely competitive $12/year, making it difficult for other companies to compete with. Dashlane, while having similar features, is priced at $40/year.

Price is a significant factor for a lot of people, especially if this is their first password manager.It is also helpful when convincing people that a password manager is a good idea, for them to see that it doesn’t have to be a huge out-of-pocket expense.

When looking at a 5 year period, Dashlane will cost you about $200, where LastPass will cost you $60.

Now Dashlane does allow you to use it locally on a single device, which LastPass does not. LastPass only allows you to use its secure online vault to store your passwords, that will sync with any other device you connect to it, which Dashlane does as well. It also allow you to change all of your passwords at once if you so choose.

Both password managers have similar features, yet Dashlane does seem to have more features to offer. When looking at the two side by side, the significant price difference is definitely a huge factor.

Is LastPass the Best Password ManagerBest Password Manager

With an extremely functional free version, a competitively priced premium subscription and a large supply extra features, LastPass most certainly stands out from other password managers.

It gives you the ability to store login information for websites, WiFi passwords, and credit card information, as well as having the data automatically sync with all the devices you use.

LastPass may not be the most visually stunning of all the password managers. It also doesn’t have some of the features of its competitors that cause them to stand out. Like Dashlane being able to change all of your passwords at once.

Or the facial recognition feature of TrueKey. With that being said, LastPass has all the necessary features and performs exceptionally well. From unlimited password storage to its handling of multiple devices, LastPass is a password manager that will definitely exceed your expectations.

If you don’t think LastPass is for you, take a look at our Dashlane password manager review.

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