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AVG Internet Security 2017 Review

AVG Internet Security Software Review

The AVG Internet Security suite is offered by the critically-acclaimed AVG Technology. With a reach of over 100 million users (including users of the free version), AVG started out as ‘Grisoft’ – an antivirus developer that brought their first product to light in 1992, naming it ‘Anti-Virus Guard’.

Since then, it’s been expanding its virtual security reach. In 2006, it started offering anti-spyware capabilities and two years later in 2008, they incorporated LinkScanner into their suite.

And now they released their anticipated latest version: AVG Internet Security.

While it’s understandable that a vast majority of users still rely only on the standard, free version, the Internet Security suite offers many additional tools and capabilities.

Below is a list of AVG’s most important features:

  • Antivirus, Spyware & Malware protection (available in free version too)
  • Link Protection (scans links you interact with, both on the web and from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – also available in free version as well)
  • File Shredder (destroys files on your computer safely – available in free version too)
  • Online Shield (scans and protects downloads – not available in the free version)
  • Data Safe (password protection and encryption – not available in free version)
  • Anti-Spam (services which target spam content and spamming activities – not available in free version)
  • Firewall (not available in free version).

Other, more exclusive services are offered to paying customers of AVG Internet Security as well: AVG Accelerator which improves the online video streaming experience; AVG Turbo Scan, Game Mode, AVG Smart Scanner – all products aimed at increasing your overall PC performance.


24/7 support is also available to paying customers and reviews of their customer service are positive overall. Support is offered by phone, email and online chat.

Its antivirus, anti-spyware, malware and link scanner services all work pretty well. Reviews from reputable sources come to confirm this aspect. However, like any piece of software out there, it does have its drawbacks.

For starters, there are internet protection suites out there who don’t use up as many resource as AVG Internet Security does.

Another important aspect in which AVG is lacking is its missing secure browser and the link sandbox. The first (secure browser) is a feature which allows for virtual, off-site secure browsing, keeping your own PC safe.

The second (sandbox) is a tool which opens up URLs and checks their safety. In order to compensate, AVG does offer the link scanner tool which offers ratings to websites, based on user experience and AVG’s own scans. Links that are not included in their database can be scanned on the go if you manually submit them.

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AVG Internet Security Review Summary

The AVG Internet Security is a comprehensive, complex and professional tool and service. Its main features are the antivirus, anti-spyware and malware capabilities. Support services are also well-regarded by the ever-increasing community.

These two features make up for the lack of integrated parental controls, especially given that you can purchase them for a steal separately.

If you’ve tried AVG’s Internet Security in the past whether it’s been the free version or paid, please take a moment to rate and share your experience with others below.

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