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why you should not buy antivirus on ebay

3 Reasons To Not Buy Antivirus Licenses on eBay

Dont buy antivirus on ebayIn recent times, people have turned to eBay to buy antivirus suites. The incentive is somewhat cheaper prices for antivirus licenses available for popular antivirus security suites available.

But there are certain concerns you should take into consideration before paying for such suites on eBay.

Odds are you’re going to lose money and end up with useless products, even if they originally come from valid, reputable distributors.

1. Using Antivirus License Key Generators

The first thing you need to consider is that hacked versions of antivirus software rely mostly on license keys generated with what the only community knows as ‘keygens’ or key generators.

These programs are built to come up with serial keys that can trick the antivirus suite into ‘believing’ you’ve actually bought the serial key. This happens a lot on ebay.

Thing is – it might work. For a while, at least. Once you connect to the web, however, the antivirus suite will probably try to contact its main license validation server, this is because most antivirus softwares are operating in the cloud.

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When that happens, the antivirus company that produced the security suite in the first place can check whether the key you’re using is valid or not and can stop your antivirus program from working or receiving updates.

Same goes for customer support – you cannot simply think you’re going to cheat a reputable security with a standard antivirus keygen.

In the end, you would have paid for a useless piece of antivirus software that can offer only basic protection, at best. And for that kind of protection, you can just go for the free, legitimate version.

2. Distributing Paid Licenses for the Same Antivirus Bundle

Another thing you should take into account is that when you buy an antivirus security bundle, you get two, three or even more license keys to be used on several machines.

Company-tailored bundles can contain tens of such serial activation keys, to be spread across their network computers. eBay sellers use this to their advantage to make a quick buck – they sell each antivirus license key individually on eBay, keeping just one for themselves to use.

The disadvantage with this is, first and foremost, you can be detected of owning a key coming from another country. It’s highly unlikely that a user has bought a bundle and is using the key for personal use in different countries.

Aside from this – you’ll end up paying retail price for just one key – when you could easily pay the same price for several keys directly from the antivirus security company. It’s a waste of money and a risky endeavor for both you and the seller.

Avoid being cheap - dont buy antivirus on ebay - its not worth the risk.

3. Limited Subscription Days Left on the Key

Each serial key provided by the antivirus security suite developer has a certain period of validity assigned to it. Some may get a year, others several years. eBay scammers again will use this to their advantage.

They’ll install the software, use it for as long as they want and then sell it, when just a month of a couple of weeks of subscription time remain. People will buy it, install it and will be happy to see that it actually works. For a few days, and then they’ll have to renew the serial key through a new purchase.

This is the main reason you should not buy antivirus suites on ebay.

Buying antivirus suites from eBay is just not a good idea. (period!)

You’re cheating the developer and will only end up with a doubtful protection suite for a limited time. Paying the developer assures you constant updates, customer support and knowing that you’re supporting a business that’s helping you keep your computer and devices safe.

In the end, you’ll just end up cheating yourself.

That about sums it up..have you bought an antivirus or internet security serial number from ebay in the past? What was your experience? Would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments.

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