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best password managers to use

Best Password Managers For PC and Mac

Here’s a round-up article of the top rated password managers and links to their respective reviews. Most password managers work as a browser extension and allow you to save login information for secure sites when you use them. The next time you visit that site, you have the option to auto-fill your stored credentials for that site.

If you have saved multiple logins for the same site, the password manager gives you those options to choose from. Some also allow you to go straight to a saved site using a menu on the browser toolbar.

Some password managers will notice when you change a saved password and offer to update it automatically for you. They can even give you the option to save your credentials when you first sign up for a new secure website. If a password manager doesn’t offer these options, then it needs to offer other significant features in return.

When using a password management app for the first time, its a good idea to get all of your existing credentials saved in the password manager. A good next step is to identify an weak passwords, as well as any that are duplicated, and replace them with strong, unique passwords.

List of the best pc and mac password managers

Most password managers offer a form of security check that will identify any of these issues, and allow you to resolve the issue right there. Some even have the ability to automatically change the passwords for you and update your saved info with the new password.

Most password managers also have a password generator. This will generate secure passwords for you to use when signing up for a new site or changing a password you are already using. That means that you don’t have to strain yourself trying to come up with a good, strong password.

You also don’t have to worry about it being to simple, since you don’t have to remember it. Most generator will also give you the option to choose what makes up the generated password, such as password length and using letters, numbers and symbols.

If you would like to learn more about each password manager, click on the link to read our full review.

LastPass ReviewLastPass

LastPass is definitely one of the best, most effective password management apps.

It is a web-based password manager that is extremely easy to use. It is packed with many useful features, supports all major platforms, and at $12/year for premium, one of the most affordable universal password managers available.

It works as a browser extension and as a web interface. No need to install an app on you computer.

LastPass password manager has to versions to choose from – Free and Premium. Both of these options use a master password to protect and securely store an unlimited number of logins in a vault. You can also automatically complete online forms and use multi-factor authentication with both versions.

Additionally with the premium version, you can sync across all your devices, store program passwords, and share your login credentials with other people.

One of my favorite features of LastPass is the password generator. It creates strong, unique passwords for you and stores them. You also have the ability to customize the features of the generated passwords. You can choose how long they are, as well as what characters are used in the password.


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