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Dashlane Review 2017

Dashlane Password Manager Review

Today we’re going to review Dashlane password manager. In today’s world, it is vital to keep your personal information safe, especially on the internet.

This article going to help you better understand what a password management app does and why we recommend giving Dashlane a try.

What is Dashlane?

It’s a highly sophisticated and secure password manager!

You know how when you create a new profile on a website with a username and a password? So you don’t forget that information you write it down somewhere safe so you can refer back to it later if need be.

A password manager stores all of that information for you in a secure vault, and will provide it when you access websites. Now, the safest route is to use different information (especially passwords) for different sites.

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Password management apps eliminate the need to write down your passwords and lowers the risk of losing them, or worse. You only need to remember one “master” password to access all of your information in the vault.

This is a must have in the world of today, unless you’re using the same password for everything, which is very unsafe and not recommended.

It comes equipped with an auto-fill feature for online forms allowing you to add different phone numbers, addresses, and all kinds of other personal information you don’t want to have to type repeatedly.

It has a beautiful interface and is very user friendly on both desktop and mobile.

Features of Dashlane

Setting up Dashlane is extremely easy. You are given a seamless, easy to understand step by step process to set up the program. You will first choose your master password for Dashlane.

Unlike some of its competitors, Dashlane does not save your master password, so you need to make sure you have a way to remember it or you risk losing access to your database.

Dashlane will automatically install on your supported browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox, and guide you through using its different features and interface.

Much like most other online password managers, Dashlane will store and save your passwords when you log into different websites. Dashlane can also import the passwords from another manager if you have one you are already using, along with web browsers.

After doing so, each time you visit that site, Dashlane will ask you if you want to auto fill your username and password information.

Dashlane ReviewDashlane also allows you to securely share access between sites.

This allows you to let someone else be able to use your services, while keeping all of your information private.

You can also set an emergency contact, that will be able to temporarily access your accounts should the need arise.

The person will receive a link with a limited time of use before it expires.

As well as having a password generator, Dashlane will rate every password strength, giving you alternative password recommendations.

You can also choose to have the generated password include symbols, letters and/or numbers.Unique to Dashlane is its ability to generate pronounceable passwords.

Like most of its competitors, Dashlane also has a digital wallet. This feature allows you to store your credit card information.

When you make online purchases, a window will appear with your saved credit cards.

You can then choose what card you want to use and have your information autofilled.

Another unique feature is that it will save a screenshot of your purchase receipt.

Dashlane has a dashboard that will provide you with a color coded overall safety rating of your account, showing how safe your passwords are.

Don’t lose your master password though. Part of Dashlane being so secure is that it won’t be able to show you this password if you do happen to lose it.

Another helpful option is adding an some extra security with a two step log in process using Google Authenticator.  You can log in with your Dashlane password, after which you will be prompted to enter another code that will be sent to your mobile device.

This is not a service you have to use, but it adds a little extra security.

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Dashlane Free vs Premium

Dashlane does have a free version that gives you access to most of what it has to offer.

With the free version you will get:

Dashlane Password Manager

  • Password manager
  • Autofill
  • Digital wallet
  • Iron clad security
  • Works on all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS or Android)
  • Emergency sharing
  • Secure sharing (up to 5 items)
  • Security breach alerts
  • password changer


Dashlane also has a premium version that gives you secure sharing on unlimited devices, as opposed to the five that the free version offers.

Additional features of the premium version are:

  • Secure sharing (unlimited)
  • Sync across all your devices
  • Secure account backup
  • U2F (2 factor authentication)
  • Web access to your passwords
  • Priority support


Dashlane allows you to synchronize logins and passwords across multiple platforms such as iPhones, Mac and Android devices. It works across multiple browsers as well like Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Windows Phone and Linex are not supported.

Is Dashlane Safe?

Dashlane makes it easier to use multiple, more complex passwords across a variety of services. Yes, you could do this yourself, but the password manager makes this process much easier to do so, while protecting your information.

It uses AES-256 encryption, the strongest available today.

You can choose whether your passwords are stored on your local devices rather than on the servers. Dashlane does store your information, but it is encrypted so they don’t have your direct info.

It doesn’t save your master password, so you don’t have to worry about any of your other information being accessed since it cant be without it.

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Dashlane Customer Reviews

Below are some real Dashlane cutomer reviews.

Simple, Accurate, Extremely Helpful

“I love Dashlane — it makes managing my passwords and on-line purchases so easy. Sign-in once and you are set for the day.”

The only password manager that I rely on

“I have been using Dashlane for about a year, on my home and work computers, mobile phone and tablet. It’s reliable, easy to use and helps me keep a huge number of login credentials working properly without having to reset my password whenever I get the details mixed up.”

Visit Dashlane.com

Dashlane Mobile App

Dashlane offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which includes access to all of the same features as on the desktop version. NICE.

When you use your mobile device to log into a new website, the app will automatically sync your info so they are available on your desktop the next time you use it.

Alternatives to Dashlane

There are a lot of options on the market today for password managers. Dashlane definitely makes it hard to compete with, but there are a couple Dashlane alternatives that are worth mentioning.

Best Password ManagerLastPass

LastPass offers a lot of the same features as other password managers and at a competitive $12/year for premium. If price is something you are concerned with then Lastpass definitely deserves a look.

Another security feature is that when you change your master password or email address on LastPass, it will notify you with an email to make sure your information hasn’t been compromised.

Password Manager1Password

1Password is a strong password manager that offers support on multiple platforms, including iOS and android.

It has all  the necessary features a password manager should offer, as well as a password generator, autofill and suggestions for improving your current passwords.

It also contains a vault to store passwords, and a virtual wallet to store your financial information. We recommend 1Password.

Dashlane Review Summary

In my opinion, Dashlane is one of the best password managers on the market today. Its price may be a little higher than some other password managers, but I believe it’s features and design outweigh the cost.

It stores all of your current passwords that you have in a secure vault. It will log you in automatically when revisiting a site already stored by Dashlane.

It assists you in creating stronger passwords which it saves for later, it also makes you aware of outdated or weak passwords.

It stands out from its competitors with its comprehensive features like digital wallet and receipt screenshots, as well as letting you choose to have your passwords stored on your local device, rather than the Dashlane servers.

We definitely recommend that you give it a try.

Visit Dashlane.com

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