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McAfee Internet Security review

McAfee Internet Security Software Review

McAfee Internet Security is a piece of security software aimed at improving overall internet and personal device security developed by McAfee Inc. a subsidiary of Intel since 2011.

Today, the McAfee brand has been remodeled and renamed into Intel Security.

Started in 1987 by John McAfee, this internet and personal security suite has gone through a whole array of changes of the years, most of them offering new features that met the standards of the time they were released.

At the same time, McAfee gained quite the reputation as one of the best internet security suites out there.

What is McAfee Internet Security?

As most of its counterparts, the software option is mainly distributed and branded as an antivirus program. But its features are way beyond any simple antivirus. It features firewall protection, anti-malware and anti-spyware capabilities, offers parental controls and spam filters as well as comprehensive threat removal services and tune-up utilities to get your computer running a lot better.

McAfee Internet Security is distributed as a bundle or a suite which incorporates all the above-mentioned functions and a few more to boot. The main website offers you the possibility of getting different versions based on your needs: home and personal use, business and enterprise versions.

For this McAfee Internet Security review, we’ll stick to the home version which is what probably interests you.

What can McAfee Internet Security do?

One of its most acclaimed and, at the same time, mocked functions due to its persistence is its malware and potentially harmful website prevention system. This is where opinions split, as McAfee Internet Security takes a direct approach to deterring users from accessing potentially dangerous online resources and does so directly, without allowing users to easily override the decision. Safety is genuinely important for all of us, but how much of it do we really need? This is up to you to decide.

Constant updates keep the software option in the loop when it comes to new definitions for malware, spyware and viruses. Protection is offered in real-time and the resources used have been dramatically lowered over time. For now, McAfee Internet Security scores pretty good in performance impact tests.

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What’s really nice about this suite is that is allows distribution on several devices. So you can get the personal home suite and benefit from having it installed on your smartphone, laptop and tablet at the same time. McAfee scores pretty well on mobile devices, so it’s a thing to keep in mind when deciding what kind of internet security suite you’re after.

The one thing is cannot do successfully is ‘heal’ an already infected computer. For that, you’ll need to go with another software option or attempt a manual repair of your system. But for the most part, you’ll probably need to resort to a system wipe and start off fresh by first installing the McAfee Internet Security suite.

McAfee Internet Security Review Summary

In the end, the McAfee Internet Security suite is something you should take into consideration. It works great, impacts your system as little as possible and benefits from having comprehensive online support. Even if you catch a virus and the program is not able to properly deal with it, you can get cheap tech support that’ll help you remove the nuisance manually.

If you’ve tried McAfee’s Internet Security in the past whether it’s been the free/trial version or paid, please take a moment to rate and share your experience with others below.

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