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ESET Smart Security Review 2017

ESET Smart Security Software Review

ESET is one of the top global players in the internet security game. Founded in 1992 in Slovakia, ESET started its journey in 1987 when it released its first antivirus.

Since then it went on to stretch to a global level and now features popular internet security products. So if you’re looking to change your internet security software or use one for the first time, read this ESET Smart Security review to find out how the program fares against its competitors.


ESET Smart Security – Features

Let’s take a look at what ESET can do, for starters. Then we can take the time to talk a bit about what it can’t do and how is it different from other popular internet protection software options.

ESET Smart Security offers antivirus capabilities as well, a personal firewall, antispyware, anti-theft, anti-phishing, parental control, antispam, an exploit blocker and a social media scanner.

Among these, the only side of note is the parental control feature which is not largely available among other antivirus or internet security programs.

It’s pretty well implemented and you can use it to keep things from your kids: from personal files to certain webpages and even limit their browsing time per day. The anti-theft feature is alright too, although it’s already widely popular with competitors of ESET as well and does not bring something new to the table.

One really neat feature that started spreading to other antivirus software options is the ‘Gamer Mode’. This is well worth mentioning in any ESET Smart Security review as it puts this particular software a bit above its competitors.

Basically, you can play games, stream videos and do other resource-demanding tasks without interference from the antivirus program. It’ll pause its scans and other internal processes and allow you to take advantage of your PC’s total performance capabilities.

Last, but not least, ESET has one of the best threat definition databases out there – held in the cloud, it is constantly updated in real time and new items the software will be looking for will be added.

This, of course, means that you’ll need an internet connection in order to take advantage of the feature. But we’ll allow this one on the ‘good’ side, as not many other options have this kind of definition updating capability.

ESET Smart Security Review – The Bad

Fact is, ESET is not one of the world’s most popular internet security programs, although it performs well in tests. However, other reviewers choose to ignore it due to its low popularity compared to competitor software.

ESET can and will use up more resources than some of the other antivirus programs out there. Sure, you get extra protection, including root kit and memory scanning, but it really depends on you whether or not you feel like you need that ‘extra’ punch.

The last thing you need to know about the ESET Smart Security suite is that it lamentably fails when it comes to a system already infected with certain types of viruses, spyware or malware.

While you should even allow your PC to get infected and should always have an antivirus program installed, it would be good if they made ESET capable of dealing with already infected systems. If you’re not already infected, you’ll be fine.

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ESET Smart Security – Review Summary

In the end, I would definitely recommend this piece of software for the sole benefit of making sure that your computer is safe and sound. While I would personally use it in ‘Gamer Mode’ most of time to save up on my PC’s resources, a good, complete and deep scan using the abundant threat definitions would go a long way in securing your system.

If you’ve tried ESET’s Smart Security (Internet Security) in the past whether it’s been the free trial version or paid, please take a moment to rate and share your experience with others below.

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