RoboForm Everywhere Review

Looking for a way to increase your online security? In our RoboForm Everywhere review, we will discuss why using password management software such as this will certainly help.

Like most password managers, RoboForm securely stores your passwords for you, making them easy to access when needed.

It allows you to use auto-fill for online forms and will protect you from phishing since it stores the websites URL information.

In this RoboForm review, we will discuss RoboForm’s features and tell you why we believe it is a great option for password management.

RoboForm ManagerFeatures of RoboForm

Using passwords that are easy to remember can be helpful but not very secure. RoboForm’s password generator creates and stores strong passwords making your information more secure.

Making this operation so easy will help insure that you change your passwords more frequently to keep your information safe.

Your passwords are encrypted and stored online. This means you don’t have to worry about writing down your passwords and losing them or someone else finding them.

All your data is encrypted with AES256 bit encryption, the advanced encryption standard.

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RoboForm Everywhere uses the password management module in Norton Internet Security to import passwords. You can also import passwords from another password manager you are already using like 1Password or LastPass.

As you visit different sites that require you to log in, RoboForm will give you the option to save that information. The next time you visit a site it has saved, it can automatically log you in. RoboForm also works when using two-step logins like you see on a lot of banking sites.

You want to make sure to keep track of your Master Password though, because if you lose it, RoboForm cannot recover it for you. This may sound like a downside but it’s actually a good thing. By not being able to recover a lost master password, it makes it near impossible for someone to gain unauthorized access to it.

Just make sure to keep track of it and your all set. RoboForm also allows you to store things like credit card numbers in its digital wallet. You can use the information stored here when making online purchases.

Another security feature of RoboForm that it has in common with most of competitors is Safenotes. This is a place that you can create and store notes for just about anything. You can also create different identities that are used to complete online forms.

For instance, you can create an identity for filling out registration form with information like your name and address.

RoboFormIs Roboform Safe and Secure?

When you install RoboForm, all data decryption takes place on your device only, not on the RoboForm servers.

The only way your information can be accessed is with your master password. Since they do not transmit to their servers, RoboForm has no way of knowing your master password.

RoboForm uses AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256, 4096 iterations to protect attacks like dictionary and brute force.

When using the secure sharing feature, a public-private key cryptography is used. This allows you to grant access with different permission levels to a friend or family member you trust, without sharing your master password.

The best way to ensure that your data stays safe is to make sure that nobody but you can access your master password. This means that even RoboForm does not know what your master password is. There is no way for them to access to your data.

This also means that RoboForm cannot restore your master password if you lose it. In the event that you do lose or forget it, RoboForm can allow you to reset it, but this will delete all of your current data, and allow you to start fresh.

If you are unsure about storing your data on the RoboForm servers, you do have the option to turn sync off. If you do decide to do this though, you wont have access to some features, such as web access and secure sharing.

How Much Does RoboForm Everywhere Cost

RoboForm offers a few different options of their password management software to choose from. The free version is the most limited, giving you the first 10 logins for free. If you have more than 10 logins, you should consider one of the next two options.

RoboForm Desktop is a license for one computer that can be used by multiple users. You pay a one-time license fee of $29.95 for use of available features on one computer. If you plan on using it on more than one device, we recommend the next option.

RoboForm Everywhere allows you to install it on all your computers and devices. It comes with RoboForm Everywhere online, which automatically keeps all your data in sync. It also gives you secure access to you login information online. This option cost an annual fee of $19.95 and in our opinion gives you the best “bang for your buck.”

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RoboForm vs LastPass

You have many options for a password manager. The goal is to choose one that does what you need it to, and keeps your information safe and secure. Below we have included a RoboForm vs LastPass comparison.

RoboForm Everywhere

  • $19.95/year
  • Saves and remembers passwords automatically
  • One click login to websites
  • Password generator to create strong and secure passwords
  • Keeps passwords organized in folders
  • Strong security using AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256, 4096 iterations
  • Audit your passwords to see how secure they are.
  • Import passwords from another manager, Export your logins to CSV
  • RoboForm Safenotes to keep other data safeRoboForm versus LastPass
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Backup and sync passwords accross all devices in RoboForm secure cloud
  • Securely share logins

LastPass Premium

  • $12.00/year
  • Access on all devices
  • Save and auto-fill passwords
  • Password generator for creating strong passwords
  • Secure notes lets you save everything else
  • Securely share your passwords & notes
  • Security challenge tells you when passwords are weak or duplicated
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security
  • Shared family folder for up to 5 users
  • Available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Microsoft Edge, iOS and Android
  • Desktop and iOS fingerprint identification (if available)
  • 1GB of encrypted storage

As you can see, both managers offer a lot of the same features. One main difference is that RoboForm is cloud based while LastPass works as a browser extension.

RoboForm also costs a little more at $19.95/year, but you can save some money if you buy in bulk – 3 years for $49.95 (save 16%) or 5 years for $74.95 (save 25%)

RoboForm Password Manager Review Summary

You can’t go wrong with RoboForm Everywhere’s password management software. It delivers everything that a password manager should at a respectable price.

You can sync your passwords on all your desktop and mobile devices, create new secure passwords, and share your info with family and friends. It may be missing some nice features like two-factor authentication, but it is sure to keep your data safe and secure.

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