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How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

use antivirus software to protect your computer against virusesThere couldn’t be a better year to take your security seriously. 

The year started with some frightening facts.

So learning how to protect your computer from viruses, malware, adware and other malicious programs is important.

Over 82,000 individual pieces of spyware, malware and viruses were being released on a daily basis.

That number, security experts warn, is only rising each day.

It appears the common web user has his odds against him if he decides to go online.

However, computer virus protection software is available at reasonable prices to fix any and all problem and prevent infections from reaching our PCs in the first place.

But what is the best PC security software out there and how do they work?

Understanding Viruses and Computer Virus Protection

Viruses, malware and spyware are programs written specifically to do harm to your system or online security. Some might wipe hard drive data, others destroy systems by attacking security measures implemented to keep parts (like fans and coolers) working.

Some steal your private data, like credit card information and login credentials from your favorite websites.

However, since viruses came to be, security experts developed anti-viruses. These programs are out there, detecting and removing the threats based on certain criteria. We know that criteria to be the virus definition – what makes that specific virus, where it can be found, how it acts and what it targets.

Then the best computer protection software can go ahead and remove the threat before any damage is made. But lately, we need to look at internet protection suites like:

Kaspersky Internet Security and Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security and see which can offer better zero-day protection.

Zero-day protection refers to the antivirus’ capability of removing threats that don’t yet have a known definition, just by looking at their code and determining whether they may be harmful or not.

Protecting Your Computer Using the Best PC Security Software

In order to keep your system safe, the best thing to do is, immediately after you’ve installed an OS (operating system), to install an internet protection suite.

One of the aforementioned suites, Webroot Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security will do just fine in keeping you safe.

antivirus helps protect your computerThere may come a time where you trust a certain program and you get a false-positive from your antivirus suite.

In order to proceed and install said program, you’d need to disable the suite and finish the installation process.

Immediately after, start up the suite again, this is where a lot of people forget and expose themselves to countless threats before realizing their antivirus was disabled and it’s already too late.

Most antivirus suites are good at preventing threats, but lack the comprehensive capabilities in removing them from already-infected systems.

Last, but not least, be smart when browsing. Always double check that the websites you are visiting are trustworthy. Change passwords often and use different ones for different services.

Never download suspicious files – antivirus software can prevent infections, but often enough, if you persist enough, you can override what the antivirus is supposed to do and infect your system willingly, even if unintentionally.

Likewise, if you find that you’re on the internet a lot, especially if you’re doing a lot of banking, you should heavily consider a top rated internet security protection. 

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