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Internet Security Suites That Offer the Best Computer Protection

the best security software for 2015

When we’re talking about the best computer protection out there, we’re not referring to just antivirus software.

There are many ways in which your computer can become compromised, from spyware, to all sorts of malware (including viruses) and even successful hacking attempts.

Internet protection software suites like those offered by Norton, Kaspersky and Webroot are just a few options that are well-regarded by the security community. Using them will protect your system from all of the above-mentioned threats and keep your online info safe and secure.

What Should Be Included in an Internet Security Software Suite?

Everybody knows that each system should have an antivirus and a firewall to keep it safe from viruses and hackers. But these are just basic functionalities of top internet security software like Norton, Kaspersky and Webroot.

Unfortunately, some people don’t take the time and effort to actually invest in these protection suites and end up using free versions from different manufacturers to tackle the whole array of vulnerabilities an unprotected system has.

But if you want and need comprehensive security features, then going with one security bundle or suite is a lot better and recommended by experts around the world. Top internet security software includes features like real-time scanning, link scanning and the capability of targeting rootkits and scanning the registry for unusual modifications.

All this diversity in terms of protection makes for the best possible security measures you can take up as an individual user.

The Best Computer Protection Software for

As mentioned above, you need to go for a complete and comprehensive security suite. Options like Norton, Kaspersky and Webroot are readily available at affordable prices – but how can you choose the internet protection software suitable for you?

The answer depends on a number of things – how concerned about your safety are you? Do you need parental controls as well? How old or new and capable is your system? Can it withstand a suite with a large footprint in it? Or would you rather use your system’s resources for other applications?

Webroot and Kaspersky have a low footprint on your system, so they’re pretty much recommended for older systems or users who need all the performance they can get for other applications. Norton needs a little more space and has not moved most of its capabilities into the cloud, impacting system performance during scans and updates.

However, Norton and Kaspersky are better equipped at detecting zero-day threats and removing them successfully. Webroot fares somewhat lower than the other two at detecting and removing threats, but it has the lowest footprint on systems, making it the obvious choice for those looking to preserve resources.

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