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Internet Security Or Antivirus: What’s the Difference?

which is better? internet security or antivirusAs we develop new technologies for the World Wide Web, more and more threats lurk in the background.

Experts say that more than a quarter million new malware is developed and deployed each day…

While most of it is harmless and usually only targets users that still have outdate operating systems and do not use any kind of protection, it’s still a staggering number, with over 82,000 daily serious threats.

Computer security programs include virus and spyware protection, but a successful suite does a lot more than that.

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software has been around since the first virus has been detected. The program uses a huge number of criteria to determine whether a file or archive of files contain a virus.

The criteria we know as virus definitions and those are the foundation of any antivirus software. By scanning the system in order to determine whether any files contain any of those definitions, antivirus software can root out and delete potentially harmful and threatening files.

But lately, viruses only make up around 8% of all known new malware released daily. Even taking into account the harmful number of daily new malware, that’s a pretty low number of viruses.

Most malware is deployed as Trojans and significantly harder to detect and remove, especially if they infect system files. This is where standard antivirus software chokes up and internet security suites need to take over the extra burden.

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What is Internet Security?

An internet security suite offers comprehensive protection for users. From firewalls, to antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware and link scanning technology, internet security suites target not just one, but all threats lurking around the web.

Many users have fallen victims to phishing attempts as well. Phishing is a technique used by hackers to get you to use your personal information when logging into a seemingly trustworthy source.

They do this by imitating otherwise trustworthy websites like Amazon and PayPal and then, when users insert their private credentials, they steal them and use credit cards and accounts for different sorts of illegal activities.

Alongside the aforementioned capabilities, internet suites offer parental controls for people concerned about what their kids do online. Parental controls can offer you the option of limiting the accessible websites, the time spent online and even scanning and recording conversations your kids have online with strangers.

As you can see, internet security suites are far more capable than antivirus software which offers only basic virus and spyware protection. So if you’re serious about keeping your online activities and your system safe, you’d better go for internet security suites instead.

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