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Best Mobile Antivirus Apps for iOS and Android — 2020

Best Mobile Antivirus Apps for iOS and Android

best mobile security apps for ios and androidToday we’re going to take a look at the best mobile security apps – who has the best mobile antivirus apps for iOS and Android?

What mobile security suite offers the best iOS and Android mobile security and why?

These are the questions we’re targeting to draw a conclusion to what your best choices are.

What Is a Good Mobile Antivirus App?

The question has an initial obvious answer – detecting and successfully removing viruses from your phone.

Mobile security apps like the ones from Kaspersky, Lookout and Webroot are among the most popular iOS and Android security apps used today in detecting and removing threats. But even if their scope is pretty much the same, the two suites are pretty different, both in the technologies they use to keep you safe as in their ability to do so.

Another thing to look for is the program’s ability to remove threats on an already-infected mobile system. Sadly, this where most popular programs fail at their attempts and users are forced to do a clean OS reinstall in order to get rid of malicious software.

Even running in safe mode, some of the mobile antivirus security apps available today are not able to successfully remove viruses and other malware that have already infected the system.

Last, but not least, the performance impact is a major factor. Sure, you want to be kept safe and secure while browsing, downloading stuff and even using your phone for gaming and other activities.

All this stuff demands resources and having your antivirus app munch on your phone’s performance will prevent you from using your phones full potential. So the footprint on resources of an antivirus program is another thing to look forward.

Kaspersky vs. Webroot – iOS and Android – Who offers the best security?

Both Kaspersky Mobile app and Webroot security apps are regarded as great mobile security apps for phones. Both iOS and Android mobile security apps.

Each have other capabilities alongside the antivirus technology, such as firewalls, spyware and malware prevention and removal systems, parental controls and safe browsing capabilities with link scanning. However, we’ll concentrate on the antivirus aspect of these apps in order to determine which of the two fares better.

While both apps are pretty good in all aspects, they perform differently when we look at their iOS and Android antivirus capabilities. Kaspersky offers good zero-day protection. This means that new threats are detected immediately and either quarantined or removed completely. Webroot’s suite is not that capable of doing that.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile security apps has also shown to have less false-positives than other security apps out there. This means that files that are typically detected as being viruses, malware and spyware, even though they are, in fact, harmless. Less false positives, the better.

This can really be a problem if you’re not capable of discerning for yourself whether the threat is real or not and can mess up certain software options you’re planning on running on your phone, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Kaspersky Mobile - Antivirus Security - iOS and Android

So… What Mobile / iOS / Android Antivirus Security App Should You Choose?

As mentioned before, both Kaspersky and Webroot are good at what they do for both Android and iOS. They perform well in most tests and reviewers praise them as good choices for novices and experts alike.

You can’t go wrong with either. They’re both great mobile security apps.

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