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kaspersky Internet security 2017 review

Kaspersky Internet Security Software Review

If security is as important to you as it is to me, then stick around and read up on the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite.

We’ll take a look at what it can do, whether it lacks anything and how it performs on most modern systems.

With the web expanding at a rapid pace in terms of provided service, we come to rely on it more and more. And some of these services are sensitive, like accessing bank accounts, transferring or receiving money and even allowing our kids to spend a little time online.

People with bad intentions are likely to target this sort of stuff when they want to harm you, your family and your online identity so it’s important that you get a potent antivirus like the Kaspersky Internet Security from the start.

Kaspersky Internet Security and What It Can Do For You

Kaspersky Lab is an internet security protection software that originated in 1997 in Russia. Since then, it has steadily grown into its current state where lots of people on all continents use it. The internet security reviews are mostly positive and the software performs great on most platforms.

With a Mac version available, along with a mobile security application and all recent Windows version support, the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite is an option that is well worth your while for security purposes.

The suite features all the common capabilities of antivirus protection software: antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware and antimalware, parental controls, internet and identity protection. It has a lot of features that target specific websites, including home banking sites, in order to keep you safe while making transactions and using your bank account while online.

Identity protection features include the virtual keyboard which is a great addition – it allows you to type in passwords and credit card numbers without the risk of a keylogger stealing the information you’ve typed.

In Kaspersky Internet Security among the most prominent features is the real-time scanning function and the ZetaShield technology. ZetaShield is a part of the suite which protects your computer from unknown potential threats.

Whenever a virus, malware or spyware is released, most internet security software get a definition update which ‘teaches’ them to detect and remove the threat. But there are a lot of unknowns in the online world when it comes to security threats – the ZetaShield aims to protect you from those too. And speaking of updates – I’ve rarely seen zero-day protection such as that provided by the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite.

Last, but not least, there’s the two-way firewall and the advance parental controls. The firewall will actively block any suspicious programs from accessing the web and downloading potentially dangerous files.

The parental controls are very well-implemented and you can control just about anything you want to when it comes to supervising your child’s online activity. Comprehensive reports are generated that contain what your kid visited online, how much time was spent on different online resources and the messages exchanged.

You can block websites from certain countries as well if you feel like they would pose a threat to your online security.

Kaspersky Internet Security Review Summary

Today, there’s little that should be left to chance when it comes to online security. And Kaspersky knows this better than most of its competitors. So it’s a worthwhile investment for your protection.

Make sure that other antivirus protection software is properly uninstalled before installing Kaspersky Internet Security – it’s been shown that two or more other software options beside Kaspersky can cause more harm than good in certain circumstances.

But all in all, the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite is a great addition to the online protection front, bringing the assurance that in this cyber threats war, the good guys are winning.

If you’ve tried Kaspersky’s Internet Security in the past whether it’s been the free/trial version or paid, please take a moment to rate and share your experience with others below.

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