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McAfee Antivirus Review

McAfee Total Protection Antivirus Plus Software Review – Updated for 2018

McAfee Antivirus Review 2018
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McAfee Total Protection offers a decent amount of protection, tho there are better options available in todays market. The file vault, file shredder and siteadvisor are nice additions likely not found in other antivirus suites.

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This review is for Total Protection formerly known as Antivirus Plus – the product has simply been renamed.

One of the biggest names in the game is the McAfee Total Protection Antivirus Software.

Founded in 1987 as one of the very first pc security options available, McAfee who is as of 2018 known as Intel Security is an American global computer & internet security software vendor headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

McAfee Total Protection antivirus can protect against computer worms, root kits, spyware and obviously viruses.  The software will also prevent and defend against phishing scams, adware, computer hackers, and malicious scripts.

mcafee antivirus security software interface review

McAfee Total Protection Antivirus Plus Installation, Operation and Interface

Installing McAfee Total Protection Antivirus Plus 2018 was so simple a baby could have done it. A click of a button and you’re good to go. Upon installation McAfee will eliminate any threats it detects if installed on an infected computer.

This approach gives the user a quick install without any hassle from malware that may already be on the computer. McAfee like others has a very user friendly interface, you shouldn’t have any issues identifying main tasks. McAfee Antivirus Plus requires very little maintenance once the user gets it set up.

There are some nonessential popup alerts but they can be turned off. McAfee is known to use up system resources, so it’s recommended that you use it’s scheduling feature and set it to scan when you’re away from the computer. Otherwise…you can expect some lag in system speed if you’re using a lower end computer (2 GB RAM).

McAfee’s Digital File Shredder and SiteAdvisor & File Vault

McAfee comes equipped with a digital file shredder that will safely and permanently remove any sensitive files or folders (including images and videos).

The antivirus software also comes with the SiteAdvisor link scanner plugin that will provide users with a security rating next to each site listed in the search engine results to help prevent users from clicking unsafe links or visiting dangerous sites.

SiteAdvisor link scanner allows you to surf the web safely. Included is a toolbar which will show you the security status of any site you are visiting.

Helps keep your personal and files private and secure by storing them on your PC with a combination of password protection and encryption. This is something you would have to otherwise pay for a seperate software to do, that comes free with your subscription.

mcafee mobile security for ios and android

McAfee has a mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices so you can stay protected while you’re on the go

A powerful feature to have from an antivirus software company is being able to protect yourself on the go with your android and iOS mobile devices. You’re in luck, Mcafee has you covered.

McAfee now offers an antivirus app that’ll help scan your phone for viruses and adware that could potentially spy on your browsing habits and collect personal information.

We have great respect for McAfee for this. They also have an antivirus app for iOS devices that also includes a file vault.

mcafee support

McAfee Antivirus 2018 Support and Updates

McAfee Antivirus Plus doesn’t have any issue staying up-to-date. The antivirus software will update automatically so the user doesn’t have to do anything on their part. Updates are delivered frequently enough to keep your computer safe against the newest threats.

This feature won’t slow your computer down. Instead McAfee will wait until your computer is idle to run an update, so the computers performance won’t be affected.

Support for McAfee comes in a few different forms. There is phone, online chat, e-mail, and an enormous knowledge base full of frequently asked questions, aswell as a forum.

If you’re unsure of your issues, McAfee offers a simple tool called the McAfee Virtual Technician that you can install that will check your computer and then walk you through the repair process.

If you don’t want to “dig” for McAfee’s customer support here’s their number: 1-866-622-3911.

McAfee Antivirus Plus Review Summary:

Though McAfee Total Protection Antivirus has been installed on millions of consumer computer products, it lacks a few features that other programs offer expertise in.

The AV-Test results show that the antivirus software is acceptable protection, but not really praiseworthy.

Recommendation? Step up to the McAfee’s Internet Security 2018 suite.

If you’ve tried McAfee’s Antivirus in the past whether it’s been the free version or paid, please take a moment to rate and share your experience with others below.

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