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Intrusta Antivirus Software Review

The time has come for us to do an Intrusta antivirus review! There’s a new kid on the block that’s competing with the big dogs. Can they match up tho? Let’s find out!

They claim it’s the most comprehensive security suite covering all aspects of online security software designed specifically for new users and those looking for the easiest antivirus software to use for any experience level.

In a world where our lives exist prominently online, your security on the internet is constantly under threat and understanding which antivirus software is the best for your needs requires research and faith.

With the established companies holding the market share of protection subscriptions, this Intrusta Review compares their service to the top antivirus industry leaders. 

Intrusta Review

Think back to the last computer you purchased, did it come with a familiar name in security pre-installed on the startup disk?

It’s common to find companies like Norton Security, Kaspersky Lab or McAfee as a prominent icon promising free trials.

Though these “free antivirus software” programs are often just trial versions that force users to provide credit card numbers or payment methods just to get started.

Common practices like this were what compelled us to create this internet security software review, because right out the gate we were intrigued by the new kid on the web who doesn’t require anything to test drive the free security program full version.

Intrusta markets itself as the brainchild of former luminaries who worked on the top antivirus programs who wanted to create a platform with more universal appeal. 

Bringing in the new year, we start to think about starting fresh, feeling secure in our lives and no where is that more integral than our everyday experiences exposing our online selves.

On our search for the best antivirus 2019 had to offer, we discovered Intrusta through the experiences of their users. We’d heard so much through the eyes and antivirus reviews of others, we needed to give it a test for ourselves to see how it stacked up against a big name like Norton.

Intrusta Is an Affordably Cheap Antivirus Software With Elegant Performance

Intrusta prides themselves on being accessible to their users, to be there when they’re needed most, in times of crisis. While most competitors including Norton have built their platform on the basis of self-installation and auto-pilot, Intrusta is available to answer all user questions.

They even have a chat window right on their front page, which upon our first try, put us directly in touch with their lead support technician. Though, users may find themselves in contact with a range of their employees, we found everyone at Intrusta that we had chat exchanges with was friendly, knowledgeable and to our surprise, personable.

While it may seem like a small thing, when you’re in a panic about an infection in your computer, possibly at risk for identity theft, having someone you feel is taking your case seriously can make you feel at ease. That is what Intrusta’s customer service inspires, trust, they add a humanity that frankly much of the world’s support staff could benefit from. Norton Security does offer 24/7 support for their Standard, Deluxe and Premium plans, but not at the Basic level.

Not only does Intrusta offer new customers the opportunity to try a free trial of the full version of their service, but users get that same refreshing, personable customer service across the board. We didn’t want to spend our entire review of their antivirus protection talking about customer service, but in a crisis, and we’ve all had that panic moment where we wondered how much of our information had been hacked or extracted, it’s an important service to offer every customer, not just those willing to pay for the upper echelon service.

Intrusta Vs. Norton Service Plan Comparison

In terms of service changes, the only real difference between the Intrusta pricing breakdowns is in regards to how many devices users want to run it on, similarly to VPNs.

Norton Antivirus on the other hand, does seem to restrict a range of services for their three lowest tiers of service, though they do seem to offer a universal subscription for all user devices at the top two. However, they do offer some extra services such as automatic Cloud backup and protections for kids offered to Premium customers.

To most users, these extra perks won’t set Norton security software apart as the better product. In fact, if you’re like most people doing their initial research into antivirus software, it quickly becomes clear that they each seemingly present a similar service. That said, Intrusta’s customer service means users won’t end up in an email queue behind twenty other people looking for help with the same problems.

Being able to directly reach out to customer service reps in specialized areas means all issues are dealt with in real time.

It should be said, Norton covers limited versions of Mac and iOs platforms and their services are limited per their fine print  “iOS 8 or later. iOS only includes Contacts Backup and Remote Locate features. iOS 9 or later is required for Norton Family Premier Child Monitoring app.” Reflexively, Intrusta antivirus offers full versions for all compatible platforms.

For us however, one of the most significant aspects that truly sets them apart from big names like Norton comes back to their support. To explain, the fine print from Symantec says that if a Norton expert is unable to remove a virus, they refund your subscription.

While this may sound like a good deal, it still leaves users with an infected computer and little responsibility on behalf of the company. Intrusta spends time explaining what’s happening to devices, walks customers through possible fixes and if needed, remotely try to remove infections.

In other words, they do all they can to keep user devices clear and protected and reinforce that with a diligent team of experts to help them remove unwanted infections. For a new antivirus platform, they are clearly setting themselves apart from the competition as one dedicated to not only the satisfaction of their customers, but their education as well to help them remain secure and feel secure.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but an affordable antivirus software that actually measures up to its promises is worth its weight in unused data storage.

Intrusta Antivirus Specifications

  • Available for Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as Mac OS 10.12 or later and coming soon to Android
  • Compatible with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers
  • Outstanding customer service response including live chat
  • Affordable pricing in three tiers of service from
  • Includes anti-spyware, anti-malware, antivirus, anti-ransomware, and anti-adware protections
  • Game Mode Feature

Intrusta Antivirus - Game Mode Dashboard

One of the central tenets of Intrusta’s antivirus platform is their “transparent” pricing levels.

As one of the best affordable antivirus companies available, they offer comprehensive protection services paired with incredible support at less than almost every industry leader including Norton. In fact, each of their service plans are roughly ten dollars less, which adds up quickly when paying for an annual subscription which often get users a significant discount.

Speaking of, Intrusta does accept all major credit cards but has not as yet implemented digital currency methods such as Paypal, Venmo or Bitcoin. Norton, on the other hand, does accept Paypal in addition to the prominent credit card vendors.

How much does Intrusta Antivirus cost?

The Intrusta price tag fluctuates based on how many devices you need protection for.

The price for Intrusta antivirus begins at $19.99 USD.

Intrusta Review Summary

Being in competition with the top internet security brands like Norton is no easy feat, especially since the biggest names inspire new users with a sense of trust through recognition. However, the growing development of new, independent startup companies is what drives technology forward and ensures that the companies at the top are truly removing the infections they claim are on users computers.

For more info on their services, pricing plans or just to ask their support team questions about the platform in a live 24/7 online chat, look over the Intrusta website. See for yourself why users are touting them as one of the best affordable antivirus vendors and discover whether it’s the perfect platform to put in charge of your professional digital protection.

With high-ranking officers having been formerly employed by some of the world’s most trusted antivirus services, users can be sure that Intrusta put “trust” in their name for a reason and they’re willing to back it up with an impressive support staff and knowledgeable technicians.

To bring this review to a close, we definitely recommend giving Intrusta a chance if you’re looking to try a new security software.

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