1Password Review 2017

1Password Manager Review

We all know that using one single password for everything is not only a bad idea, but extremely unsafe. A lot of the places we access online hold our personal information, as well as things like credit card and social security numbers.

But, keeping track of multiple password can be difficult and frustrating. With 1Password, you get the safety of using various strong passwords while only having to remember one. If you want to know that your information is safe, you should be using a password manager like 1Password.

1Password Manager ReviewHow Does 1Password Work

In a nutshell, 1Password takes all of your different user names and passwords for various sites and creates a secure password storage for you to use when needed.

Just like other password management applications, 1Password lets you access your favorite websites with a single click using your stored login information.

If you already have a password manager, or just have passwords already saved for websites, you can import them to 1Password. It also has a password generator that can create a strong password for you, as well as letting you create one yourself.

Below we have included some key features of 1Password:

  • A Digital Wallet that securely stores your confidential information like credit cards and receipts, allowing access to them on any device.
  • 1Password Watchtower sends you 24-hour security alerts for the sites and services you use.
  •  AES-256 encryption keeps your data and personal information safe at all times.
  • Auto-fill your passwords, credit cards, and addresses with one click.
  • Personal Security Suite gives you access to tools like Security Audit to locate duplicate or weak passwords. You can choose to improve these using the Password Generator to generate secure passwords.

One very useful feature of 1Password is the ability to add tags, notes, and attachments. You can upload an image of your credit card and add it to your file. You can do the same with your driver’s license and passport.

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You can also store software licenses, so if you choose to set up 1Password on a new computer, you have easy access to them all in one place. Lastly, 1Password give you the option to store secure notes. These are anything that you want them to be.

1Password is your all-in-one Chrome, Firefox and Safari password manager. It also works with Internet Explorer, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Opera.

1Password Price

1Password offers a few different options depending on what your needs are. The base plan for a single person is $2.99/month, giving you all the main features it has to offer.

You can upgrade to the Family plan for $4.99/month which gives you sharing for up to 5 people which comes out to roughly $1/person. You get all the same features as well as sharing passwords and documents between members and control over what other members can see and do.

You are also able to restore access for a member if they happen to get locked out. 1Password also has a Team plan that is $3.99/user or $7.99/user for their business plan. This would be considered your business option.

1PasswordHow Secure is 1Password

The top password managers, including 1Password, use strong AES-256 encryption to protects your sensitive information.

One feature that 1Password unfortunately, does not include is multi-factor authentication.This method includes an additional login step using a temporary code sent through email or text.

This helps make hacking your information more difficult. However, using passwords created by 1password will ensure that they are strong and secure.

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 1Password vs LastPass

Both 1Password and LastPass offer a lot of the same features. They also support most of the same platforms but, LastPass additionally supports Linux and Blackberry.

Both services offer solutions for a single user as well as a business environment. A more significant difference between the two is that LastPass uses authentication-bases security while 1Password uses both authentication and encryption-based.

Why is this important? An encryption-based system is more secure, but it is also far more difficult to gain access to your data if you lose your login information. The prices of the two are also much different, with LastPass they have a free tier but also a personal premium plan that’s $3/month – $36.00/year, whereas 1Password will run you about $35.88/year with their personal plan.

Both products are capable of improving your password security. Just remember that each service is only as secure as the master password you decide to use. If you would like to know more, we encourage you to read our LastPass review.

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Summary of 1Password Review

1Password has a lot of great features that you want in a password manager. It is fairly easy to use and gets the job done well. It offers multiple options for users depending on your specific needs, be it just for you or multiple users in the workplace.

Though it might be a little more pricey than some of its competitors, it is certainly not the most expensive. You have a lot of options today when it comes to choosing a password manager. Though the decision is ultimately yours, we are confident that 1Password is capable of doing the job.

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